Reverse Engineering and Inspection Diploma

3D Laser Scanning

This course aims to present the theory associated to the HandySCAN 3D and VXelements acquisition software of Creaform. The fundamental principles, the acquisition techniques and the basic software options are taught to the student. It allows for practice sessions focused on the customer’s application to quickly identify strengths and areas for improvements of the student. Finally, it introduces the student to different Creaform processes to ensure that the customer receives the best support possible.


At the end of the training the trainee will be able to modify, edit and extract features from an STL (Mesh) File


The objective of this training is to enable new VXInspect users to perform the inspection of parts using the tools from the VXInspect |Inspector™ Premium. The training covers the key concepts of a typical inspection workflow. Once the training is successfully completed, newly trained users can apply these concepts to perform inspections of their own parts using scanned data.

Eng. Mahmoud Elasmaey

Eng. Mahmoud Elasmaey

Certified Application Engineer

Eng. Mahmoud is a worldwide certified instructor in Reverse Engineering with more than 300 hours of scanning and RE with varies portable 3D Scanners, more than 40 approved inspection reports and a certificate from Dassault Systèmes® in reverse engineering.

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    Eng. Mahmoud Elasmaey

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