Ultima is a high-end CNC-controlled press brake with hydraulic crowning (on request mechanical crowning) in a basic but very complete configuration. The Ultima machine is equipped with 5 CNC-controlled axes (Y1-Y2, X, R, V). Optional up to 18 CNC-controlled axis.

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ULTIMA press-brake

CNC controlled press-brake

Our automatic hydraulic hemming is integrated in the table of the machine, no tool changing or not-userfriendly operations need to perform the operation. This system allows operators to bend larger sized parts without assistance of another operator

- High-end machine

- Hoerbiger Fast/Precise hydraulic system

- 5 cnc-controlled axis as standard: Y1-Y2-X-R-V

- Hydraulic or mechanical crowning (V), both cnc-controlled

- Touch Screen cnc-controller ESA 650

- Correction database

- Double linear measuring scales ensure a precise positioning from both cylinders Y1 and Y2

- Robust and durable construction with robot-welded and heat-annealed machine frame

- Remote assistance

- Offline software

- Hybrid system available (up to 70% electricity saving)

- D-Alpha: Automatic angle measurement system

- D-STM: Automatic sheet thickness measuring

- D-Crown: dynamic crowning

- D-Move extremely fast tool change system with tool storage

- E-Drive energy-saving drive system

- Bendingaid(s) CNC-controlled

- Automatic hydraulic hemming

- Servo controlled moving table

- X3

- 6 axis backgauge: X1X2 / R1R2 / Z1Z2

- Automactic correction database

- Tandem configuration

- Backgauge with pneumatic support system

- Remote assistance

- Barcode Scanner

- 3D controller

- Hybrid hydraulic system

- ESA or DELEM or Cybelec controller

- Lazersafe safety light guard with safety controller


D-Alpha is a fully automatic angle measuring system, Irrespective of the properties such as spring back or lamination direction from the material as well as tolerances from the thickness of the material.

D-Alpha enables an exact determination of the bend angle with an accuracy of better than 0,1°

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