VC series is specially designed for the industries in 3C component machining and die-&-mold machining.

To meet the requirements for fast cutting, 3 axes are equipped with linear guide-ways, through which acquires quick responses in acceleration and deceleration, and the highest rapid traverse in 48 m/min (MITSUBISHI NC).


VC Series Linear Guide Way

  • All 3 axes are equipped with high-precision ball-type linear guideways.
  • 3-axis ball-screw with pre-stretch reduces the thermal deformation caused by thermal growth, offering the best accuracy.
  • Being driven by absolute encoder motors makes 3-axis positioning accuracy perfect.
  • The innovative design of tool-changing the mechanism makes the tool-changing time short at 1.31 sec (60Hz), (T-to-T).
  • 3-axis ball-screws and linear guide-ways are lubricated by the centralized automatic lubrication system, through which the oil injection quantity is not only precisely and economically controlled to be well-lubricated but also avoided from the stinky coolant.
  • The inclined-plane design on the chassis, together with the flushing coolant system makes chip removal effective.
  • A fully-enclosed splash guard makes operation cleaner and safer.
  • 3-axis, equipped with ball-type linear guideways and 6 guide blocks on the Z-axis (VC1052) & 4 guide blocks on the X/Y axis achieves quick motion response and great dynamic accuracy.
  • Forcible spindle coolant system ensures the spindle in good operation.

- Travel

X-axis: 1060 mm

Y-axis: 520 mm

Z-axis: 610 mm

Distance from spindle nose to table: 115-725 mm

- Table

Dimension: 1160 X 520 mm

Max. table load: 650 KG

T-slot (width*pitch*number): 18 X 100 X 5 mm

- Spindle

Spindle type: Belt type

Spindle speed: 12000 rpm

Spindle motor power (cont./30 min rated): 11/15 kW

Spindle taper: BBT40

- Feed Rate

Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z): 36 / 36 / 24FANUC)、 48 / 48 / 36MITSUBISHIm/min

Cutting feed rate: 1-12000 mm/min

Motor power (X/Y/Z): 1.8 / 3.0 / 2.5FANUC)、  2.2 / 2.2 / 3.5MITSUBISHIkW

ATC type: Arm type

Magazine capacity: 24 pcs

Max. tool diameter (adjacent pocket empty): 80 / 150 mm

Max. tool length: 300 mm

Max. tool weight: 7 kg

Tool shank: BBT40

Pull stud: MAS 407

Pneumatic pressure: 6 kgf/cm²

Electrical power consumption: 30 kVA

Machine net weight: 6200 kg

Max. floor space (WxLxH): 4629 X 3743 X 3099 mm