Optimal structural design

Main mechanical structures, such as base, column, saddle, etc., are made of Meehanite casting iron with the process of heat treatment to release the residual stress to ensure every actual miniature movement and to maintain a long-lasting accuracy.

Box-shaped structural design on beam, together with the ladder-like layout of linear guideway makes the combining span of saddle wider and assures a powerful and stable machining capability on the spindle.

The no-counterweight structural design on the headstock is without stagnant phenomenon caused by inertia and no vibration resulted from the counterweight, but with the agile, quick, and stable response in feed.

3-axis ballscrews, being pre-stretched, can effectively refrain from the thermal deformation and surely guarantee the precise positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy.

All components made by casting iron are through special treatment to release internal stress so as to assure good accuracy in long-term operation and long service hours.

Automatic Tool change

16-tool, umbrella-type, tool magazine


Speed Bridge Graphite Machining Center

  • The fully-enclosed cover practically reduces the contamination by graphite particles/dusts.
  • Of the high dust-proof class of ballscrews and linear guideways make service life longer.
  • Equipped with high-efficiency dust collector
  • The dust collection device is well-designed without any interferences.
  • With the characteristic of high precision and high stability, the spindle is professionally made.
  • The cooling system on the spindle makes sure the temperature stability in spindle operation and restrains from the thermal deformation on the spindle to optimize the machining accuracy.

- Travel

X-axis: 750 mm

Y-axis: 600 mm

Z-axis: 500 mm

Distance from spindle nose to table: 150 – 650 mm

Distance between columns: 850 mm

- Table

Dimension: 810 x 620 mm

Max. load: 500 kg

T-slot (width x pitch x number)18 x 125 x 5 mm

- Spindle

Spindle type: Built-in

Spindle speed: 20000 rpm

Motor power (cont./15 min rated): 18.5 / 22 MITSUBISHI kW

Spindle taper: HSK63A

- Feed Rate

Rapid traverse (X / Y / Z): 32 / 32 / 32 m/min

Cutting feed rate: 20000 mm/min

Motor power (X / Y / Z): 3.5/3.5/3.5  MITSUBISHI kW


ATC type: Umbrella

Magazine capacity: 16T pcs

Max. tool diameter / next pocket empty : 105 / 120 mm

Max. tool length: 250 mm

Max. tool weight: 3 kg

Tool shank: HSK63A

- Space & System Requirement

Pneumatic pressure: 6 kgf/cm²

Electrical power consumption: 50 kVA

Machine net weight: 7000 kg

Max. floor space (W x L x H): 3950 x 4600 x 2950 mm