U5-630 Advanced

Our U5-630 Advanced series is a 5-axis Vertical Machining Center for high level and performing 5-axis machining

  • with integrated swing/tilt-table in machine body
  • for high-level 5-face and 5-axis machining applications
  • optionally with performance table and counter-weight function as well as big-bore >100mm in table center
  • moving column and therefore preferred for
  • heavy workpieces
  • the high number of tools
  • high spindle speed up to 20.000 rpm
  • Most modern high-level controls and drives
  • available with multiple automation applications

usually sold for very complex workpieces made in one operation all 5 faces as well as molding jobs.

Spinner 5 Axis

5 Axis Simultaneous machining centre

Useful approx. workpiece sizes

Dimensions: 600x500x400 mm

max weight: 500 kg


X-stroke: 630 mm

Y-stroke: 530 mm

Z-stroke: 465 mm


Guideway system: Linear high-speed roller guideways

feedrate/rapid: 48 m/min


Tablesize 5-axis: D = 650 mm


Spindle Type 1 – Standard: 12.000 1/min / Mmax=120 Nm / Pmax=22KW / SK40-BT40

Spindle Type 2 - S Speed: 15.000 1/min / Mmax=100Nm / Pmax=21KW / SK40-BT40-HSK63

Spindle Type 3 - HS HighSpeed: 20.000 1/min / Mmax=100Nm / Pmax=28KW / HSK63 / BUILT-IN MOTORSPINDLE

Tool magazine

Number of tool stations: 32, 54, 122, 227

CNC-Control systems

Version 1: Siemens 840D SolutionLine

Version 2: Heidenhain TNC640

Available Options

Coolant through spindle: 70 bar

5th axis: standard

Spindle probe: Optional

Oil dust evacuation: Optional


Integrated Workpiece-changer: optional

Pallet changer for Pallet 320x320mm: optional for up to 30 pallets and 100-300kg/pallet

Pallet changer for Pallet 400x400mm: optional for up to 8 pallets and 100-300kg/pallet

Robot solutions: optional

General Info

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2750 x 2530 x 2810 mm

Weight: approx 8.000 kg