Solid Round

Cutting Tool Expertise

Solid Carbide Drills

Material: Carbide drills -HSS drills (HSS-CO / HSS-M42- HSS-E-PM)

Length: 3xD-5xD-7xD-10xD-15xD

Long Series: 20xD-25xD-30xD-40xD

up to 40xD

with and without internal coolant

cylindrical and Weldon shank

special dimensions (order) could be made

Center Drills

Counter Sink

For all types of materials

Solid Carbide End Mills

Solid Carbide high-performance milling tools

solid carbide, M42, HSS-E-PM

Sharp Edge – Ball Nose – Corner Radius

For all materials and special use, hardness up to 68 hrc

Special made for special lengths 


Solid Carbide, HSS, HSS-E, HSS-E-PM

Thread Standards

Metric / UNC, UNF /BSW, G /PG, NPT/BSP


Straight Flute

Spiral Point

Spiral Flute

Dies for ISO metric threads

For all types of materials