Our new Power Bend Falcon machine offers customers high productivity and minimum costs level with its user-friendly CNC controller and low-cost hydraulic maintenance.

Power Bend Falcon series is designed to be unique with its individual electronic and mechanical features

Power- Bend Falcon

Stronger, Faster and Deeper Bends.

- From 1 to 6 m length options

- From 40 to 600 ton capacity options

- High stroke (275) and daylight (550)

- High speed cycle (180 - 10 -135)

- Large throat depth - 410 mm

- Std. 4 axes - Y1, Y2, X, R

- Motorized crowning

- Oil cooler for 400 tons and above capacities




CNC crowning system that communicates with the CNC controller, performs crowning automatically and enables the part to be at even bending angle at any given point.

Laser safety units that is produced specially for press brakes and is the leader among safety systems. Laser safe keeps the operator’s safety at the top level

Power-Bend Falcon offers you 2 Axis (X and R) motorized back gauge system as standard. X and R Axis movements are precise by accurate servo motors mounted on back gauge system

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