The evolution of the peel 1, peel 2 is capable of a lot more and perfect for mechanical components. Improved tracking, better geometry capabilities and enhanced means to capture colors. This portable 3D scanner has it all!

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peel 2 3D scanner

Interested in Reverse Engineering? Have a look at peel 2 CAD, the perfect solution to take your scan to your favorite CAD software
peel 3d scanners go way beyond the simple spec sheet. There is a lot you should consider when shopping for a 3D scanner (included functionality, workflow, ergonomy, etc.). That being said, the specs are a good place to start with
peel 3d software is really what truly sets this solution apart. Capturing good quality data is one thing but being able to process it and properly work with it is a whole other thing.
Unleash the power of Creaform's software, a leader in 3d industrial measurement and metrology. These are tools you simply will not find with another affordable solution; start working like a pro today!
Everything you can do with a peel 1 you can do with a peel 2, only better! It is ideal for medium to larger parts. Comes with peel software.