The new CNC internal Grinding Machine from PALMARY features optimal structural design, and an elegant appearance combined with advanced CNC control. The all-new series will bring internal grinding technology into a new era.

The structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality cast iron for deformation-free performance year after year. The entire machine is precision built throughout to guarantee the best possible grinding accuracy you can find anywhere.

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Palmary OIG-200

Special Purpose Grinder

Grinding application (for OIG-200)

One internal wheel spindle model for your different application requirements. It's capable of grinding the internal hole, end face, and outer diameter at a one-time setting.

Automatic operation

To meet mass-production requirements, automatic loading and unloading equipment is available to provide a fully automatic operation.

Slide table

The slides move on roller type linear guideways for increasing smoothness & stable movement.

Upgrade positioning accuracy

The feed axis is equipped with optical scale to upgrade positioning accuracy.


Internal grinding range (I.D. : length = 1.3): Ø6-200 mm

Max. workpiece length: 200 mm

Internal wheel spindle   

Spindle outer diameter: Ø90 mm

Linear velocity: 2000 M/min

Spindle speed: 10000~50000 r.p.m.


Max. table traverse: 500 mm

Max. table feed speed Z-axis: 5 M/min

Work spindle     

Spindle speed: 0~800 r.p.m.

X-axis feed speed: 5 M/min

X-axis min. travel unit: 0.001 mm

Z-axis min. travel unit: 0.001 mm

Workhead swivel: Clockwise 7° ~ anticlockwise 8° (manual)

Workhead Motor: 1 HP, 4 P (stepless variable frequency)

Grinding wheel motor: 2 HP, 2 P (stepless variable frequency)

Coolant pump motor: 1/8 HP, 4P

X-axis servo motor: 1.8 kW

Z-axis servo motor: 1.8 kW

Controller: FANUC

Net weight: 4700 kg