CNC hydraulic shears with oscillating knife beam are sound, heavily built machines.

Unique structure design for the hold-down cylinders: a special built-in spring structure with high quality inserts to avoid markings on sensitive materials that needs to be cut.

The oscillating knife beam and the resulting clearance extend the longevity of the knives

Available with D-Touch 15” Touch Screen controller.

PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines

hydraulic shears

- The oscillating knife beam with small, fixed cutting angle ensures a minimal deformation during cutting

- Extremely small cutting angle minimizes the distortion when cutting both thin and thick plate material

- Nitrogen cylinders enable a rapid upward movement from the knife beam after cutting, increasing productivity even further

- Touch screen cnc-controller

- Unique structure design for the hold-down cylinders

- Available with capacity from 4 to 30 mm sheet thickness, up to 6 meters of cutting length

A new generation of CNC shear machines

- High precision,

- European design,

- Efficient and reliable,

- High performance,

- Haydraulic swing beam shear

- Automatic blade gap

- Double-acting pneumatic / hydraulic sheet support system

- Return-to-Sender automatic return from the cut sheet to the front side

- D-Touch Controller

- Small-parts container at the front side of the shear

- Movable control panel till the middle of the shear

- Finger protection by safety light guard

- Movable front support arms on linear guide

- Automatic loading, infeed-systems, unloading, stacking,…

- Increased cutting speed, enables a 50 to 100% higher output

- Design and construction guarantee reliable functioning, precise cutting results and a long life span with little maintenance.

- The extremely small cutting angle minimizes the distortion when cutting both thin and thick plate material

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