Vertical Machining Center


Workbench area: 1,250 x 660 mm

T-slot (width x number of slots): 18 x 5 mm

Maximum load of worktable: 1,000 kg


Left and right stroke (X-axis): 1,020 mm

Back and forth stroke (Y-axis): 550 mm

Spindle head up and downstroke (Z-axis): 560 mm

Distance from spindle nose to table surface: 150 ~ 710 mm

Distance from axis to the front of the machine column: 600 mm


X-axis rapid traverse speed: 20 m/min

Y-axis rapid traverse speed: 20 m/min

Z-axis rapid traverse speed: 18 m/min

Cutting feed: 5,000 mm/min

Minimum feed: 0.001 mm

- Spindle

The slope of spindle end hole: NT40 / NT50

Spindle speed: 6,000 / 5,000 rpm

Spindle speed range: Two gears variable

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

Tool magazine capacity: 25/20 sticks

Tool holder type: BT40 / BT50

Maximum tool diameter x length: Ø90 x 300 mm

Tool weight: 6 kg

Knife selection method: Random

- Motor

Spindle drive motor 30 minutes rated: 5.5 KW

X-axis drive motor: 3 KW

Y-axis drive motor: 3 KW

Z-axis drive motor: 3 KW

  • Heat exchanger
  • Mobile hand arterial wave generator
  • Annular cutting fluid device
  • Screw chip conveyor on both sides
  • Semi-enclosed guard
  • RS-232 interface
  • Sleep switch
  • Work finished warning light
  • Slideway automatic lubrication device
  • working lamp
  • Tools and Toolbox
  • Prepare the fuse
  • Deep hole drilling device (without the knife handle)
  • Tool setter
  • Automatic tool length measuring device
  • Upward chip conveyor
  • Crawler chip conveyor
  • Chip car
  • Fourth axis junction box
  • The rotating table includes (the fourth axis control)
  • Additional warning lights
  • Oil mist device
  • The main shaft penetrates the cooling water device
  • Automatic centering device
  • Spindle speed 6,000 rpm
  • (BT40), 5,000 rpm
  • (BT50) with spindle cooler
  • Rigid tapping