This CNC tube bender series features all-electric tube benders equipped with Left + Right Bending Technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference, with a capacity of up to OD 50.8 mm

The new SOCO CNC Tube Bender combines Draw + Roll + Dual Direction Bending Way technology. This line is especially suitable for complex parts and shapes, such as automotive exhaust pipes, health care, and fitness equipment. It is equipped with 7 - 10 electric CNC axes, 2+2 bending stacks and uses SOCO's unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission).

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Left & Right CNC Bender

Left and Right Tube Benders (U series)

Equipped with 7 - 10 electric CNC axis, 2+2 bending stacks, and uses SOCO’s unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission).

Left + Right bending capabilities in the same cycle

All Electric ( 7 ~ 10 Electric Servo Control Axis )

DGT technology – Gear Transmission Bending for Highest Speed and Accuracy

Easy Programming – Setup a part in the same way as a single directional bend

SOCO's Tube Bender can be integrated with Automatic Loaders (AF, AFM, Robots) and Automatic Unloaders (AUL, ROBOTS) for full automation. This tube benders series can offer one of the highest performance solutions available in the market. 
SOCO's unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission) is the worldwide patented bending system that brings you the most efficient and stable bending process, offering the highest accuracy and repeatability in draw and roll bending. 

Automatic spring back compensation

Recapturing function for short lengths

Windows platform

Self-diagnostics + Error messages display

Connection and Auto compensation to CMM systems

Overmode + Teach Mode

Live remote monitoring by internet

Remote troubleshooting

Bending interference and collision simulator 


VRM: Variable Radius Measuring System

XYZ and YBC coordinates conversion

Mirroring and image reversal of parts


SOCO IRMS (Internet Remote Monitoring System)

Connection through PC, Mobile Phone and Tablet