Max. turning diameter 32mm ~ 51mm. Max eight axes simultaneously movement (X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Y2/Z2/C1/C2). Sub tooling system can make eccentric drilling, milling and grooving function. Side drilling can be converted to end drilling (six for front & six for back). Rigid structure with powerful lives tools brings you stable and versatile machining performance.

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The side drilling unit can be converted to 3-position face drilling for main and sub-spindle. Angle adjustment (manually)

Main Spindle Max. Turning Diameter: 42 mm

Sub Spindle Max. Turning Diameter: 42 mm

Max. Turning Length (rotating bush): 300 mm

Max. Turning Length (non-bush): 130 mm

Main Spindle Max. Drilling/Tapping Capacity: Ø10/M8

Sub Spindle Max. Drilling/Tapping Capacity: Ø13/M10

Max. Cross Drilling/Tapping Capacity: Ø10/M6

OD Tool Holder: 6 (口16mm) / 5 (口20mm)

ID Tool Holder: 5/Ø25mm

S1 Cross Live Tool Holder: 6 (ER-20)

Control Axis (with C axis): 8 psc

Main/Sub Spindle Bore: Ø44

Main/Sub Spindle Max. Speed: 6000 rpm