Max. turning diameter 26mm ~ 42mm. Seven axes simultaneously movement (X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Z2/C1/C2). Main / Sub spindle C axis movement. Sub tooling system can make eccentric drilling, milling and grooving function. Side drilling can be converted to end drilling.

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Max. Turning dia. of Main Spindle: 32 mm

Max. Turning dia. of Sub Spindle: 32 mm

Max. Turning Length (fixed guide bush): 220 mm

Max. Turning Length (rotary guide bush): 200 mm

Max. Turning Length (non-guide brush): 80 mm

Main Spindle Max. Drilling Capacity: 13 mm

Sub Spindle Max. Drilling Capacity: 13 mm

Main Spindle Max. Tapping Capacity: M10

Sub Spindle Max. Tapping Capacity: M10

Max. Cross Drilling Capacity: 10 mm

Max. Cross Tapping Capacity: M8

No. of external turning tools: 6/5 (Type 42) pcs

No. of internal turning tools: 5 pcs

No. of cross drillings: 4 + (1) pcs

Face tool holder No. (Sub spindle): 4 pcs

Size of tool: 16x16x95~155 / 20x20x95~155(Type 42) mm

Spindle Bore: 45 mm

Spindle Speed Range: 200~7000 / 200~6000 (Type 42) rpm

Main spindle motor: 7.5 kw

Sub spindle motor: 7.5 kw

X1 / Z1 motor: 1.4 kw

Y-Axis motor: 0.75 kw

Cross drilling motor: 1.4 kw

End drilling motor: 0.75 kw

X2/Z2 motor: 0.75 / 0.75 kw