The JINN FA JSL-20RB and 20RBY CNC lathe machine offers multi functions for maximum flexibility of operation. It is the first choice for various manufacturers of automotive and motorcycle parts, electronic parts, instrument parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts, etc.

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Main Spindle Max. Turning Diameter: 20 mm

Sub Spindle Max. Turning Diameter: 20 mm         

Max. Turning Length (rotating bush): 250/190 mm   

Max. Turning Length (non bush): non/50 mm

Max. Turning Length (fixed bush): 280/220 mm

Main Spindle Max. Drilling/Tapping Capacity: Ø10/M8

Sub Spindle Max. Drilling/Tapping Capacity: Ø8/M8

Max. Cross Drilling/Tapping Capacity: Ø8/M6

OD Tool Holder: 6/□12mm 

ID Tool Holder: 4/Ø22mm

S1 Cross Live Tool Holder: 5/ER-16

Sub Spindle Face Tool Holder: 8 pcs

Control Axis (with C axis): 8 psc           

Main/Sub Spindle Bore: Ø26.6

Main/Sub Spindle Max. Speed: 10000/8000 rpm


Main Spindle Motor: 2.2/3.7 kw

Sub Spindle Motor: 2.2/3.7 kw

X1/Z1/Y1 Motor: 0.75 kw

X2/Z2 Motor: 0.5 kw

Y2 Motor: 0.5 kw

S1 Cross Driven Motor: 1.2 kw

S2 Face Driven Motor: 0.75 kw