HGD Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear is produced to be used for many years in heavy duty conditions without problems.

HGD Series shears offer impressive cutting solutions for sheets 6-20 mm with high quality material.

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HGD Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Impressive Cutting Solutions

- 3-4 m length options

- From 4 to 20 mm capacity options

- ErCut7

- 350 mm throat depth

- Automatic blade gap adjustment

- 2 edges top blade

- 4 edges bottom blade

- 1 m stroke, swing away backgauge

- Hold down cylinders

- Front squaring arm and support arms

- Mobile foot pedal

- Shadowline and lightning

- 1 m swing away finger protection cover

- Front sliding plates with bearings

- Rear guard light curtain

- CNC on pendant arm

- Fiberglass enclosure

- Rear sliding plates 

Hardened blades.

Top blades : 2 sides

                 - Bottom blades : 4 sides

                 - ERCUT 7 controller.

- 350 mm throat depth.

- 1000 mm motorized backgauge system with 0,1 mm accuracy.

- 1000 mm side gauge and front support arms.

- Metric and inch rulers.

- Front, side and back safety panels which are suitable for CE norms.

- Sheet sliding system.

-SIEMENS electrical system.

- Hoerbiger hydraulic system.

- Hold down cylinders.

- Moveable foot pedal.

- Automatic hydraulic blade gap adjustment.

- Emergency stop button.

- Shadow line.

- Collapsible finger protection.

- Optional throat depth.

- Front angle gauge.

- Side gauge and front support arms in optional lengths.

- Sheet conveyor and stacking system.

- Front Gauge X1, X2 axis and backgauge X3, X4 axis.

-Optional backgauge stroke.

- Sheet support system for thin sheets.

            1- Pneumatic support system. (Lever type)

            2- Pneumatic support system. Monobloc panel type)

- Moveable controller panel, multi functional CNC control unit.

              1- CYBELEC DNC 61G

- Hydraulic oil cooling and heating system.

- Optional solid table.

- Stainless steel blades.

- Ability to increase stroke amount per minute.

- Light safety system for finger protection.

- Optional alternative colors.

- Coolant system or heater can be placed in electric panel during ambient conditions.

- Double foot pedal.

- Electrical panel or controller can be placed on right side of the machine.

- Laser cutting line.

- Central lubrication system.

1000 mm stroke, 0.1 mm precision, swing up and movable back gauge system on the ball screw and ground spindle

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