PROMECH provides a precision punching and bending machine.

our production processes maximize the accuracy and tool life, ensuring the machines optimal performance with great advantages in terms of quality and cost-saving

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Gennelli Allori Tools

Punching and Bending

The range of Amada Style tools is the most complete way to meet our customers' needs. In fact, these tools are distinguishable from others because of their high-quality finish and the quality standards which give them a particularly long life with an incomparable ratio between quality and price.

In particular the tools of LAMPO EV line and the LAMPO EVX punch holders differ from the others.

Tools of the Lampo EV Line and the Lampo EVX punch holders
Both are adjustable and available in Standard and Lubricated (Air Blow) Versions.


PROMECH provides its customers' with the full range of tools for Trumpf punching machines with their particularly high qualitative standards.

Our tools are suitable for every need and differ in their high degree of finish and long duration with an incomparable quality/price ratio. A wide range of special dies for deformation and multiple drilling allows every requirement to be met, ensuring a precise result and guaranteeing the punching machines optimal performance in terms of quality and cost.

PROMECH bending tools have been designed to meet our customers' needs for the bending process with a precise and cheap result.
Our tools have been built with the maximal allowed tolerances and guarantee the brakes optimal performances and big advantages in terms of quality and costs.

Our tools are built with C50 Steel or 42CrMo4 Steel hardened and/or tempered with low-frequency induction. The low-frequency induction hardening, which is different from that carried out in high frequency for longer processing times, gives the tools a deeper hardening. In this way, the tools are particularly resistant to the burrs that are present on the elements cut with a laser and are regenerable in compliance with the mechanic features

Our technical department is at our customers' disposal for the design of special equipment with length up to 8 meters.

Having a strong will as regards innovation and constant improvement has allowed us to become a technically advanced company in the sector of dies for punching machines and brakes.