Fibermark SL is the best choice for workshops with limited space, without compromising the G-Force standards and quality.

Fibermark SL is designed with high acceleration in Gen-3 G force Series Servo Motor Models, production time decreases and efficiency increases by 15% per hour

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Provides Benefit in Terms of Layout

- Length options from 2.5 to 8 m

- Load capacity from 600 to 8000 kg

- With X, U, Y and Z servo motors for axial


- Positioning accuracy of ± 0.03 mm

- PC-based CNC controller

- 2D CAD/CAM software

- 15-inch touchscreen control panel

- 500 w to 8000 w resonator

- Compact Design

- High Speed

- High Precision

- High performance

- Long life expectancy

- User-friendly

- 4 Axis (x , Y , U, Z)

- Servo Motor

- Automatic focus cutting head

- Laser source

- Cooling unit

- Clean- dry air system

- Safety cabinet

- 2x Automatic Shuttle Table

- CAD/ CAM Software

- 15” touch screen controller

- Conveyor

- Warning lamp

- Nozzle and cleaning kit

- Nozzle cleaning and calibration tray

- It is the unit which controls the system and se  ds the user commands to the machine.

- It is resistant to difficult environmental conditions. (Shock, dirt, humidity, temperature, etc.)

- It is used as a touch screen and it is mounted   n its functional keyboard.

- You can increase and decrease the axis speeds in the working area with the speed adjustment parameter.

- Shortcut keys provide ease of use.

- Cutting operation can be monitored instantaneously in NC graphic

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