RAPTOR Fiber Laser Cutting machines are an alternative solution without sacrificing high quality cutting, precise, and clean with more modular and ergonomic design.

RAPTOR Fiber Laser Cutting machines offer high accuracy servo motors with low cost and less space requirements compared to standard Fibermak.

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Modular and ergonomic design.

- Modular and ergonomic design

- Designed as 0.5 G acceleration and 50 m/min. speed

- Extraction Unit

- Conveyor

- Loading Unit

- 15” touch screen controller

- Servo motor technology

- High precision cutting head

- Standard 500 W and 1 kW laser unit

- Control panel is the unit which controls the system and sends the user commands to the machine.

- Control panel is resistant to various environmental conditions. Shock, dirt, humidity, temperature, etc.

- It is used as a touch screen and an external keyboard is available.

- With the speed adjustment potentiometer on the control panel, you can increase and decrease the axis speed in the working area.

- NC graphic display

Single cord servo motors with premium technology are used. The mess created by extra cables is reduced and high control capability is ensured.

- Manual adjustable focal lens

- Precise height control

- Protection Glass

- Piercing air system

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