Our FIBERMAK G FORCE Fiber Laser Cutting Machine represents the new generation fiber laser to meet all the customer requirements for excellent cut and perfect speed in the laser cutting sector

4.5 G high acceleration is presented optionally on servo motorized Momentum Gen-3 G Force series.

Producing time decreases and productivity increases average 40% per hour by high acceleration.


Feel the difference of high acceleration

- Low cost without compromising the performance

- Low energy consumption

- Easy maintenance and repair

- Low maintenance need

- 4 Axis (X, Y, U, Z)

- Servo Motor

- Auto - focus cutting head

- Laser Source

- Cooling Unit

- Clean-dry air system

- Safety Cabinet

- 2x Automatic Shuttle Table

- CAD/CAM Software

- 15’’ Touchscreen Controller

- Conveyor

- Warning Lamp

- Nozzle and cleaning kit

- Nozzle cleaning and calibration tray

- Light Protection

    - Linear motor technology

    - 0.5 kW, 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW , 6 kW and 8kW

    - Suction unit.

    - Light protection barrier

    - Sheet Sliding System with Pneumatic Support

    - Air conditioner for the power distribution board

    - CAD/CAM software

    - Nozzle changer

    - LCM (laser cut monitor) sensor for piercing control and cut-loss control

    - Automatic sheet loading system and unloading system

    - Cutting with dry air by means of compressor filter and the additional equipment for the tank

    - Automatic sheet loading – unloading system 

    - Manual and automatic placement with excellent flexibility and maximum performance

    - Perfect combination of automatic and semi-automatic placement functions with powerful manual placement functions such as copy, move rotate, align, etc.

    - The automatic placement function parts of the CAD/CAM software place the parts on the plate as much as possible.

    - CAD/CAM software can also perform placement on the scraps. Just like for the plates, a border can be defined for the scraps too.

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