-Connect manufacturing stakeholders for a common understanding -Reuse existing processes and tools -Manage plant--and other resources--with change control -Connect suppliers and others collaborators to the single source of manufacturing truth -Manufacturing project governance


Collaborative Manufacturing

- Design, validate and document manufacturing processes - Accelerate new product and variant introduction planning - Optimization of space and resources to increase factory performance and safety - Reduce product and resource physical prototypes with 4D simulation
- Program and simulate industrial robotics - Reduce capital investment by designing and validating new systems virtually -Increase manufacturing volume by reducing cycle time - Launch new products faster by programming robots offline
it brings a dedicated search command for the selection of tools and tool assemblies which dramatically reduces the time it takes to filter through thousands of tools with dozens of attributes to find the best ones for the job.
- Program and simulate machining and additive manufacturing - Reduce programming time by reusing company best practices - Improve programming accuracy with advanced machining strategies - Ensure tool paths are collision-free with machine tool simulation
- Design human-centered production and workplace environments - Optimize end-user experience by integrating ergonomics requirements early in product design - Lower the need for costly physical prototypes using the targeted virtual population - Focus on worker safety with early validation of tasks - Reduce the risk of work-related injuries