ETP SERVO CNC Servo Turret Punch Press is designed for high efficiency and profitability.

The high speed free servo hydraulic allows you to punch up to 6 mm thick sheets.

ETP SERVO CNC Servo ensures an overall increase in productivity & more production line to meet all the customer requirements.

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ETP Servo Turret Punch Press

Faster, Precise, Environment Friendly

- Servo-Electric punching system

- 20 tons and 30 tons power options

- Processing capacity up to 6 mm thick sheet metal

- Turret structure with housing

- Table options with different dimensions

- Thick turret and index turret structure

- 27 station and 33 station options

- 3 automatic repositioning

- sheet metal holding clamps

- O type mono-block rigid body structure

- Water cooled hammer system

- Tool lubricating system

- Aluminum body axis structure

- Sheet metal loading system embedded into brush table

- Ermaksan Direct Drive servo punch system

- Fanuc CNC and high precision absolute encoder, dynamic, brushless alfa series servo motors

- 3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches.

- Ermaksan HMI and software

- Aluminum workholder

- Tool lubricating system (Airblow).

- Free standing control panel.

- Control with foot pedal.

- Tools stuck safety system

- 1 software (Lantek or Metalix).

- 27 or 33 turret stations

- Digital oil temperature indicator.

- Software for using wheel and forming tools.

- Sheet jumping switches

- Scrap box.

- Chain protection around the machine (safety system).


- Notching and forming tools for various dimensions and forms.

- Light barrier (for CE standard machines).

- Additional sheet holding clamps.

- Multi tools of 3,6,8 stations.

- Adaptors for various stations (B, C, D).

- Special coated tools for notching stainless materials (TIN, TICN, TICN Plus, MOVIC).

- Work chute.

- Stainless steel table with ball bearing support.

- High torque even at low speeds

- More power up to 3 times more load

- IP65

- Water cooling

- High durability

- Built-in thermal protection

- Built-in absolute encoder system

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