The Systems Engineering solution delivers a unique, open and extensible development platform – a platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support needed for developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products. It enables organizations to quickly and easily evaluate requests for changes or develop new products or system variants, while utilizing a unified performance based systems engineering approach that reduces the overall cost of system and product development.

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Mastering the cross-discipline systems

Electrical systems design for all products and industries, from aircraft to cars, white goods, ships and process plant, continues to be a challenge.  As associated wire harnesses, cable systems and electrical components continue to increase in quantity and complexity. Including

- Cable tray 3D Systems Designer

- Electrical 3D Systems Designer

- Electrical Design

- Electrical Harness Manufacturing Engineer

- Printed Circuit Board Designer

- Rigid Flex Circuit Board Designer

Define, simulate, implement and manage complex embedded systems.

- Electrical and Electronics Architect

- Systems Experience Tester

- Virtual Systems Experience Designer

From aerospace applications through to process and power plant design, the 2D & 3D definition of fluid systems is driven by multiple standards and specifications that fully define the system classification and usage context. The fluid systems design solution provides a powerful specification driven design environment that integrates your company know-how into the detailed design process.

- Fluid 3D Systems Designer

- Systems Schematic Designer

- Tubing Designer

Developed by domain specialists. Used in conjunction with Modelica based solutions(either CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE or Dymola). Including:

- Systems Battery Library

- Systems Behavior Optimization

- Systems Brushless DC Drives Library

- Systems ClaRa Plus Library

- Systems Cooling Library

- Systems Electric Power Library

- Systems Electrified Power Train Library

- Systems Flexible Bodies Library

- Systems Flight Dynamics Library

- Systems Fluid Dynamics Library

- Systems Fluid Power Library

- Systems HVAC Library

- Systems Human Comfort Library

- Systems Hydrogen Library

- Systems Pneumatics Library

- Systems Powertrain Library

- Systems Thermal Library

- Systems VeSyMA library

- Systems Wind Power Library

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform uses the open Modelica language and Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard to rapidly model and simulate multi-physic dynamic and control systems. These systems can contain a combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, electric power or process-oriented characteristics and components.

- Dynamic Systems Engineer

- Mechatronic Systems Engineer

- Systems CCode Export

- Systems FMU Export

- Systems Real Time Execution Export

- Systems Simulink Export