CATIA Engineering offers complete and comprehensive solution for designing products. It provides the platform which enables engineers to create any type of 3D assembly, for a wide range of engineering processes. The Model Based Definition approach provides all companies with one single reference for 100% of the product definition - all in 3D.

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CATIA Engineering Excellence

A complete and sophisticated set of applications built for creating, applying and deploying knowledge management rules within your product design and innovation process. Including:

- Best practices Designer

- Design Apps Developer

- Design Apps User

- Product Optimization Designer

- Quality Rules Administrator

- Template Designer

Slow, tedious, sequential and non-collaborative process...heavy manual operations... Are you ready for a new approach to tackle your composite engineering and manufacturing process? Our Composites Engineering and Manufacturing solutions cover the entire process - from design to analysis and manufacturing - on a single platform. Including:

- Composites Braiding Designer

- Composites Designer & Manufacturer

- Composites Designer

- Composites Forming Designer

- Composites Laser Projection Operator

- Composites Manufacturer

Electrical systems design for all products and industries, from aircraft to cars, white goods, ships and process plant, continues to be a challenge.  As associated wire harnesses, cable systems and electrical components continue to increase in quantity and complexity. Our solution provides a comprehensive, powerful and open tool for the 2D & 3D design and manufacture of electrical wire harnesses, cable systems and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards. Including:

- Cable tray 3D Systems Designer

- Electrical 3D Systems Designer

- Electrical Designer

- Electrical Harness Manufacturing Engineer

- Printed Circuit Board Designer

- Rigid Flex Circuit Board Designer

From aerospace applications through to process and power plant design, the 2D & 3D definition of fluid systems is driven by multiple standards and specifications that fully define the system classification and usage context. Our fluid systems design solution provides a powerful specification driven design environment that integrates your company know-how into the detailed design process. Including:

- Fluid 3D Systems Designer

- Systems Schematic Designer

- Tubing Designer

- CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS SOLUTION (Structural Package Designer)


- HIGH TECH ENGINEERING SOLUTION (Product Enclosure Designer)