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BCBM Column

Excellent Quality Column Boom

Column-Boom systems, Although can perform welding independently for workpieces, it can also perform circular or lengthwise welding using rotator or positioner.

Allow reducing the production time and getting tired of the operator, as well as, Increase the accuracy and the amount of continuous welding that an operator can do.

Welding types that can be used by the system; could be SUBMERGED, MIG, MAG, etc

Column-Boom systems overground  ;

i  ) As standard Fixed to ground type is provided.

ii )Optionally Automatic Movement over Rails can be manufactured.

Column Rotary System ;

As standard, Manual Rotation by means of Butt bearing is provided.

Optionally, the Automatic Motor-Driven type can be manufactured.

Birel Machinery as standard provides the following models:

BCBM-3x3│BCBM-4x4│ BCBM-5x5│BCBM-6x6

Birel Machinery, out of these standard capacities,  according to customer standards & requirements can present quotation  against the  machine revision process or fulfill customer new request against new designs.

Fixable to the ground system.

360° degree Manually Rotating Column

Adjustable linear Boom speed

Boom speed digital display

Against Anti-fall mechanical Locking System for boom.

Counter Weight System for Boom

Limit switch for all movements

Welding power unit table on the column and Wire Feeding Unit table on the boom.

Cable channels on the Column - Boom

Torch mounting equipment on the boom end.

5mt.Cable Pendant Control

5mt.Power Cable

Brake & forced fan cooled motor

Casing Color (RAL 7011-Grey) and Covers( RAL 3002-Red)

Power Supply: 380V - 50 Hz. (3 phase)

Welding Earthing (Ground)

One(1) Year Warranty (wearing parts out of warranty)

Column and Boom System moving on Rails

Master Command Panel

Automatic Rotary Column

Operatör koltuğu


Camera Monitoring System

Tandem Welding Apparatus


Synchronization opportunity of working with Rotators over Master Panel.

Oscillator System (with MIG/MAG)

Rail movement

SAW, MIG/MAG Weldings

Joint Tracking System – Laser

Joint Tracking System – Mechanical Sensor

Flux Drying Systems (only SAW)

Automation Systems

Wireless remote controller