4R HSS is the most heay duty machine, used in many sectors’s production line like like wind mills, silos, tanks, rail car, aerospace, shipbuilding, tunnel construction etc.

There are 2 electiric motors plus 3 torque motors and 3 reducers. Big motor give power for fast/slow rotation to the top roll plus up/down movements of all pistons.

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4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

- Very suitable for medium and heavy plates or stainless steel bending

- Ferrules in full circle, elliptical or varying radiuses can be done easily

- 1Pinch roll and lateral rolls move pyramidal linear with hydraulic pistons

- Overload Protection

- Top Roll and Lateral Rolls are powered by hydromotor and planetary gearbox ( 3 roll driven system )

- Three digital readouts for easy roll positioning

- Hydraulic tiltable Drop-End for easy removal of finished ferrule

- Easy operation with mobile control panel

- Welded steel frames

- Induction hardened forged SAE 1050 (CK 45-50) Steel rolls

- Conical bending device

- Central lubrication system

- Hydraulic balancing system (Ø280-320-350-380-400-460

- Electronic balancing system (Ø500-550-580-620-680)

- Automatical central lubrication system (Ø500-550-580-620 -680)

- Double speed working system

- Linear guide system. Pistons use all power for bending material.

- Automation with NC and CNC control

- 2Overhead crane for large diameters

- Hydraulic lateral side supports for large diameters

- Hydraulic plate ejector

- Polished rolls for special jobs.

- Infinitively variable speed system

- Electronical balancing system for parellel movement of the rolls (Ø280-320-350-380- 400-460)

- Optional Accumulator System for rotating the welded parts

Torque motor mounted shafts has immediate moving because of the torque power. Center down roll is idlee and moving perfectly syncronised with the sheet as the speed of top roll. There are total of 8 pistons on the machine
There are 3 Digital Display (DRO) on the Control Panel which indicates the position of the 3 bottom rolls digitaally. These 3 DRO allows you to set the cut-off point of the rolls too. Linear system is used to improve aquaplaning resistance, machine body strength, and tolarate back force of material resistance.
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