3 Axis Hydraulic Lateral Rolls are Standard for more accurate results for pipes and Aluminum profiles. Wide distance of side rolls and consequently more capacity on bigger diameter bending.

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4R HPK 110

Profile And Section Bending Machine

- 4 Rolls Machine.

- 1Steel Welded Construction Frame.

- On 90 and 110mm Shaft Models 3 Rolls are driven by hydromotor + planetary reducers , on 70mm Shaft Model 2 Rolls are driven

- Hardened and ground shafts made of high tensile special steel.

- Standard Rolls (1 Set with 4 Rolls).

- Rolls are hardened and ground in the hole.

 - Bottom and lateral rolls hydraulic movable up-down.

- Horizontal and Vertical Working Position.

- On 70mm Shaft model 1+1 axis Guide Rolls , on 90 and 110mm Shaft models 3+3 axis Guide rolls

- Mobile Control Panel.

- User’s Manual with EC Certification.

-Infinitively variable speed adjustment

- 3+3 hydraulic supports

- Automation with NC control

- All NNC kind of pipes, tubes, profile rolls and HEB, IPN and UPN beam attachments are available upon request

 Better performance with NC control Unit. More accessories available on applications.

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