The CNC tube benders V series combines Draw, Roll, and 1D Bending technologies. This combination allows 2 different fixed radii and multiple large roll bending radii in a single part, as well as a programmable carriage boost for CLR = 1D Bending.  Integrated with Individual Pressure Die Systems Assist in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility.

The V series tube bender offers small radius bending + Roll bending + 1D Bending in the same machine.

Roll + 1D Bending (V series)

Draw, Roll and 1D Bending Technologies

The technology can create parts with multiple draws bending radii (R1 & R2 ), while creating larger radii through the roll bending process. Integrated with a settable carriage booster, it allows bending radii as small as 1 X OD.

Chain free transmission

Built-in gearbox with a direct connection to electric servo

Highest transmission performance (90%+ efficiency)

High bending accuracy ( +- 0.05° ~ +-0.1° )

Maximum Working Area = Minimal Interference

Elongated neck for superior clearance

Side carriage and bending head

The Double Blade Shearing System allows for automation of bending and cutting processes in one machine, from a single tube

This system creates minimum cutting deformation, enabling the finished part to be immediately passed to the next process without having to calibrate or deburr it

The software allows programming up to 4 different parts on the same stock material, maximizing utilization of the complete tube


Automatic spring back compensation

Recapturing function for short lengths

XYZ and YBC coordinates conversion

3D display and rotation of parts

Mirroring and image reversal of parts

Windows platform

Self-diagnostics + Error messages display

Connection and Auto compensation to CMM systems

Overmode + Teach Mode

Live remote monitoring by internet

Remote troubleshooting

Connection through PC, Mobile Phone and Tablet

Bending interference and collision simulator 


VRM: Variable Radius Measuring System

SOCO's unique DGT technology 

SOCO i2 controls 

Multi-stacks for Draw and Roll (Large Radius) bending

Programmable Boosting Force for 1D Bending

Ability to bend parts with “0” straight lengths

Programmable arc lengths for large radiuses

Roll Bending spring back compensation settings

Special bending compensation and data storage fields

Low noise level with the highest transmission performance

63 mm - 100 mm range may be equipped with SOCO DBS system (2C – Double Blades Shearing, optional)

SOCO IRMS (Internet Remote Monitoring System)