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3D Scanners

3D Scanning is the process of transferring physical objects into precise digital models, enables you to quickly and accurately capture your object’s shape and geometries. we are offering a complete 3D scanning and probing solutions using the latest technologies in the market from Creaform company with several variety White Light and Laser 3D scanners ranging in accuracy from 0.03mm to 0.1mm.
Our scanning and probing facilities will capture 3D measurements from variety objects with capabilities to measure both small and large products. When we remove the constraints imposed by conventional measurement technologies, the scope of applications becomes virtually limitless with 3D digital data in hand.
Our team of highly skilled and certified professionals will deliver you output formats that are the foundation for Quality Control, design, documentation, visualization, and analysis as well. Parts for 3D Scanning can either be shipped to our company or our technical Engineers can visit your location and complete the entire process on site.


Ultimate Solutions offers Reverse Engineering Services to help you in converting your digital data (Mesh) into CAD file. With the CAD file you will be able to modify the shape and topology of your models to achieve your design intent. By using the latest 3D laser scanning technologies and 3D CAD software, we process 3D scan data and create editable solid CAD models compatible with your existing CAD software.
Ultimate Solutions’s Reverse Engineering Services team will help you:

  • - Convert your scan data to highly accurate CAD files.
  • - Update CAD models for part tooling needs.
  • - Redesign a product or part without manufacturing defects.


We are covering wide range of services in mechanical Design and Drafting Field.
Our Experienced Engineers and Designers provide quality mechanical Design and Drafting services for all of your manufacturing, Production, design and planning needs using Dassault systems products. Our team is capable of producing high end design and drawings as per your ideas, sketches, and specifications.
By outsourcing our 3d modeling and mechanical design services to you can be assured of top-quality services, which are completed within the stipulated time.

Our 3D modeling and 2D Drafting services include:

  • Wireframe creation
  • 3D feature-based modeling
  • Solid modeling
  • Freeform surface modeling
  • Assembly modeling
  • Product Concept Design
  • Jigs and Fixtures Design
  • Medical Machinery Design
  • Pumps, Compressors and Turbine Design
  • Piping and Instrumentation diagrams
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Machine tools and mold designs
  • Shop drawings
  • Automotive parts designs
  • Plastic mold development

We are helping companies achieve their business objectives through accelerated implementation and use of SIMULIA products. Our long track record of successful projects spans industries including automotive, biomedical, consumer products and heavy equipment in addition to our local expertise, we draw upon global resources to help you achieve real return on your investment in simulation technology.
Our Services will drive increased product quality, reduced costs and measurable gains in process efficiency.
Our services staff is available to support basic-to-advanced analysis for a wide range of applications and industries. Examples of projects include supporting unique analysis jobs, short-term support services (on-or off-site) to assist with major projects and peak workloads, or full-time on-site software support services.


Shape optimization is part of the field of optimal control theory. The typical problem is to find the shape which is optimal in that it minimizes a certain cost functional while satisfying given constraints.
A comprehensive set of applications to explore and generate organic shapes, on target, with a solution for traditional and additive manufacturing.
We can help you:
- Reduce product-costs with an efficient product engineering tool, removing bottlenecks that usually make it cost-prohibitive to explore optimized parts.
- Capture all functional specifications: geometrical inputs, but also analysis inputs, optimization target and constraints.
- Generate concept shapes to obtain an exact representation and easily validate easily structural behavior of each concept.


Ultimate Solutions is selling and supporting the SIMULIA brand of software from Dassault Systems for realistic simulation. The SIMULIA includes the non-linear FEA solution ABAQUS, fatigue analysis software FE-SAFE, the Process Integration and Design Optimization tool ISIGHT and finally the Optimization tool TOSCA. We take great pride in successfully implementing simulation technology at our customer’s site by providing dedicated software customization and personalized training.
Our Simulation Services team provides unmatched opportunities for you to extend your simulation reach into the product development lifecycle, and we can become an extension of your team, and provide on-site resources to augment your current staff. We will work with you to assign an industry expert to your staff and work hand-in-hand with the team until the project is complete and you are satisfied with the results.


Ultimate Solutions Service Center offers complete mold design of close tolerance plastic injection molds. Whether you need a simple open and shut mold or the complexity of a multi-action automotive instrument panel, Ultimate Solutions can accommodate your needs.
Design activities are completed by a team of highly skilled professionals meeting customer standards related to the following markets

  • Automotive
  • Home Appliances
  • Medical Devices
  • Electronics Casing


With our state-of-the-art, in-house measurement equipment and portable measurement devices, whether in your facility or at our sit, we can meet all your dimensional inspection needs. We have provided inspection services to various clients over the years, and each job is done to perfection. We are the certified inspection center for General Motors Egypt. We have the latest portable metrology products at our disposal designed to provide you precise dimensional measurement whether at your facility or in our lab no part is too big or small.
Parts to be inspected can either be shipped to our company or our technical Engineers can visit your location and complete the entire process on site.
Our Quality Inspection Services include:

  • Part to Part or Part to CAD inspection
  • Tooling, jigs and fixtures verification
  • Process capability studies
  • Gauge R&R studies
  • Customized reporting
  • On-site inspection


Our lean manufacturing team can provide you a continues improvement services with the aid of DELMIA (digital enterprise lean manufacturing interactive applications) factory simulation, process planning and plant layout design to minimize the operation cost of your plant.


3D Printing is a process for making a physical object from a digital model. At Ultimate Solutions we are using German RepRap industrial 3D printers to provide you with highly precise prototypes and end-use parts with layer height up to 0.02mm and very fast printing speed up to mm/s and a travel speed up to 300mm/s.
We are using various types of high quality filaments like ABS, PLA, PS, PVA, TPU, Carbon20, Laywood, Laybrick, PP, Bendlay, Soft-PLA and SmartABS.
You can create your Design in any CAD environment as we can handle over 40 file formats to answer all your 3D Printing needs.


Regardless of what you manufacture, ensuring your machines exhibit maximum reliability is essential to your bottom line Processes. That is why having a maintenance strategy that is ideally suited to you and your own individual needs is essential. Our team offers a whole range of individualized solutions to give you this flexibility — with all our maintenance service packages, also helping you extend mean times between failures and reduce costly downtime.
Delivering cost savings over the long term, our predictive maintenance precisely monitors the condition of your equipment in order to determine when maintenance is warranted. This method of managing your machine over its lifetime reliably predicts breakdowns long before they can lead to downtime.