POWER-BEND PRO CNC Press Brake redesigned depends on the customer's need in the market to reach a unique structure with its electronic and mechanical equipment to get results in normal, stainless, thin, and thick sheet metals.

POWER-BEND PRO CNC Press Brake is the top preferred machine for high production speed and minimum production costs with its user-friendly CNC control panel.


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Perfect Combination of Speed and Power.

        - 1 - ... - 6 m length options

        - 40 - … - 600 ton capacity options

        - High stroke (275) and daylight(550)

        - High speed cycle (180 - 10 -135)

        - Large throat depth - 410 mm

        - Std. 3 axes - Y1, Y2, X

        - Manual crowning at 260 - 320 tons

        - Motorized crowning at 400 tons or more

        - Oil cooler for 400 tons and above capacities


        - CYBTOUCH 12 PS, DELEM DA52S, ESA S630 

        - Height adjustable and movable sliding front support arms.

        - Top and bottom tools are surface hardened by special treatment.

        - Promecam easy clamping system.

        - CYBELEC CYBTOUCH 12 PS 2D graphical controller with PC-ModEva 2D software.

        - CNC controlled strong X=800 mm back gauge

        - 410 mm throat depth.

        - 2 back gauge fingers

        - Scales in metric and inches.

        - Crowning system in bottom beam 3100/…/4100 - 260 - 320 manual crowning and from 400 tn and above motorized crowning is standard.

        - Foot pedal is produced according to CE standards and suitable for single and multiple bends.

        - 2 photocells are placed facing each other for rear guards.

        - Covers for cylinders and top beam

        - Preadjusted electrical requirements based on customer’s geographical area.

        - Special stroke and throat depth gives extra advantages for deep bends.

        - Delem ER70 controller (up to 5 axis).

        - Cybelec ModEva PAC Touch controller (up to 7 axis).

        - ER90Plus controller (3D touch screen).

        - Special back gauge fingers can be added on optional backgauge stroke.

        - Motorized crowning system.

        - Hydraulic oil heating and cooling.

        - Custom made table width and bottom tool V openings.

        - Optional top and bottom tools in different length.

        - Special tools for box and pole bends.

        - Laser front guard options.

        - WILA type top and bottom tool clamping system.

        - Rol1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different top and bottom quick release clamping systems.

        - Tooling cabinet mounted to side of the machine to keep your tools clean and in easy reach.

        - Automatic sliding system is lubricated automatically which is highly recommended to extend life.

        - U type special bottom tools for bending thick materials.

        - Additional front support arms to prevent waves on thin materials.

        - Custom made machines upon customer special parameters.

        - AP3 / AP4 front sheet support arms.

        - Special parking units for front support arms.

        - Electrical panel and / or controller can be mounted on right side of machine upon customer request.