The Go!SCAN 3D™ product line offers our easiest portable 3D scanning experience, providing fast and reliable measurements. With these handheld 3D scanners, you can even capture 3D data in full color.
You need simplified, quick, and accurate 3D scanning? The Go!SCAN 3D™ were designed with you in mind. Through a very efficient process, these self-positioning systems can be used by anyone without requiring any prior experience or background, and provide visual guidance as you are scanning. Their innovative technology bypasses preparation steps and specific setups, provides a very fast measurement rate, and does not require manual data post-processing.
Highly versatile, they can be used for a wide range of applications, helping professionals throughout the entire product development process.



Scanning sessions are extremely short. Consultation times are drastically shortened, which leads to more patients being treated.
Quick, automated post-treatment
What you see is what you get: 3D surface is generated as you scan, which makes for minimal waiting time.
Very short learning curve, no matter the user’s experience level.
Data files can be sent rapidly and securely over the internet to a remote fabrication center to optimize machining process.
Great alternative to traditional, tiresome and messier casting methods.
Non contact
Non contact, non invasive 3D scan process for minimal discomfort for the patient.
Truly portable and lightweight
• Fits in a suitcase smaller than a carry-on.
• Weights about 2 lbs.
Highly accurate measurements
Accuracy of scanned data is up to 0.5mm, whatever the technician’s level of expertise, or the surrounding environment (vs manual measuring).
Creaform worldwide reputation
OEM healthcare partners can capitalize on Creaform’s reputation for innovative, highly accurate, high quality and reliable 3D scanners.

• Professionnal-grade measurements: accuracy of up to 0.1 mm (0.004 in.) and resolution of up to 0.1 mm (0.004 in.).
• Built-in intelligence: ensures that 3D data is high-quality and accurate.
• Optional targets: possible to use targets to compensate for an object’s lack of positioning information.
• No rigid setup required: both the part and the scanner can be moved during scanning.
Stand-alone device: the part is the reference, no external positioning system needed.
• On-the-go scanning: fits into a carry-on case, so you can use it both in-house or on site.
• Lightweight and small: weighs under 1 kg (2.2 lb.), can reach confined areas. Fits into a carry-on.

• Fast: typical objects are scanned in 5 minutes or less.
• High measurement rate: capture large amount of 3D data for faster scanning.
• Automatic mesh output: ready-to-use files (geometry and color), right as you complete acquisition.
• Quick workflow integration: usable scan files can be imported into RE/CAD/3D printing software without post-processing.
Hybrid positioning: uses the parts’ natural geometry and color.
• Point-and-shoot: no need to prepare parts. Just go!
• User-friendly: no experience required, up-and-running in minutes.
• Scan in color: allows for seamless capture of high-quality geometry and colors simultaneously.
• Real-time visualization: look at the computer screen to see what you are doing and what is left to be done.

GO!SCAN 3D Gallery

3D man holding go scan 3d device and scanning car chair in automotive industry
GO!SCAN 3D device in box
GO!SCAN 3D device front view, high capability of 3d scanning
GO!SCAN 3D man arm holding go scan 3d device
GO!SCAN 3D device side view, high capability of 3d scanning
GO!SCAN 3D device high capability of ease and quick scanning of complex surfaces
man holding go scan 3d device and scanning side mirror of car with ease
3D man holding go scan 3d device and scanning car chair in automotive industry
GO!SCAN 3D device high capability of ease and quick scanning of complex surfaces