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GE-Fong Sliding Head CNC Lathe

GO-265 / 325 Features

― Built-in main/back spindle motors increase tooling accuracy. Increase speed and phase angle accuracies of the two synchronized spindles.
― Direct motor-drive rotary guide bushing available for high speed and accurate machining
Max. speed: 10,000 / 8,000 min-1 (GO-265/325)
Max. machining length: 320mm
Geometrical accuracy, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness are greatly improved with low noise levels, even at high speeds.
― With separate back tool post and X2 axis for back spindle cross travel. Perfectly achieve simultaneous machining with main spindle (S1) and back spindle (S2) with reduced cycles and no waiting time.
― Guide bushing-less kit available upon request for machining short parts. Ground bar stock is not required and reducing the remaining bar length.
― Additional deep face hole drilling post (2 drills) is attached to the back spindle. Max. drilling depth is up to 100 mm. Besides, these 2 drills can be adapted to driven drills as option for off-center drilling and tapping.
― Direct C-axis indexing helps reducing the spindle indexing time by avoiding to return to reference point when indexing is done from spindle rotating state.
― Thread whirling head or hobbing head can be mounted on the right cross tool post for processing bone screws or gear hobbing.
― The large chip tray is perfect for long-time operation. It is also possible to take out the products out and remove the chips during machining operations.
― Workpiece conveyor is standard. The workpiece is discharged from the back spindle to the workpiece conveyor, moving then to the workpiece container.
― Model GO-325 uses hydraulic cylinder for clamping the bar to be machined, ensuring no bar shrinkage during machining.

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GE-Fong Sliding Head CNC Lathe Features